1. I have/had cancer I had surgery then chemo !. I smoked THC weed, now I'm looking for a job? But I know THC will come out on the drug test ? What can I do I'm I screwed? 🤔
    Honestly weed help me out alot more then the stupid pills

  2. I have cancer I don't want to get high I'm just tired of being sick chemotherapy is hard on me because I also have cystic fibrosis. If you know about cannabis can you please tell me how it can help me. God bless you

  3. Ralph moss report shows there are only a few conditions that chemo is efficacious for, yet they use it for every thing. Its average success is 2-5% ON MOST CONDITIONS. Graviloa , low zinc black salve, iv vitamin C are VALID chemo alternatives, less toxic, macrobiotic menu cured 4 people where chemo , radiation and surgery did not work, LOOK IT UP IT WAS ON TV CALLED THE INCURABLES(its on youtube)…yet they still use Chemo where its only 2-5% efficacious…why? because you dont research alternatives first and know where to look that will change soon..chemo will be phased out like round up and nuclear weapons, wait and see ..you must learn what works if oyu want to survive ..ITS COMING.

  4. George Soros would be happy. He is the largest funder of marijuana plantations in the world. He also pays for stories like this to try to release his killer drugs for everyone.

  5. I wish the middle east would pick up on this it saves so many patients day to day lives. Come one ME let's do this starting with Arabian gulf states it's a postive thing.

  6. Why not cut to the chase and NOT POISON yourself under the medical mafia system.
    People are sadly blind to put faith into a Rockerfeller born murderous system. It is all
    about money folks. What sense is it to infuse poison/toxins into an already sick body?
    MD's are taught to address symptoms, not root causes. Legal drug dealers. Don't believe
    the hype.
    “The doctor of the future will give no
    medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human
    frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ~ ”.-Edison

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