1. If you buy cannabis where it is illegal, you're funding crime. Also, if you are a real Buddhist who has a spiritual practice, you shouldn't need cannabis. This video is not proper Buddhism. If you want to know what Buddhism is, then do proper research and contact your nearest temple. I can assure you, they won't be smoking weed.

  2. In my views an intoxicant is a drug that negativly influenced your mind and behaviors. For most marijuanna does not negativly influence you but is very much the opposite it relieves stressed makes you happy takes that edge off that can make you angry and judgmental of others. It opens your mind do deeper truths and can bring people together in deep conbersation. If you ever sat down with someone stoned and started talking to them you would see that weed does not accelerate negative energies within. You hear of people drunk yelling at their spouse getting in fights and doing risky behavior. In my experience weed can teatch you very much the opposite it is a state of reflection and calmness. Some close mimded already negative acting people may do bad things while high but thats because of who they are outside of that high.

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