1. Loved the video brother, appreciate the review and your opinion of the current stack! Extremely informative!! Just signed up to the news letter, can't wait to learn more.

    Full stack:

    Monday – 200mg’s Test E, 100mg’s Primo
    Wednesday – 200mg’s Test E, 100mg’s Primo
    Friday- 200mg’s Test E, 100mg’s Primo

    Total Per Week – 600mg’s Test E & 300mg’s Primo


    0.5mg’s arimidex x 2 Per Week , take this the day AFTER two of your injection days 


    4iu GH per day, split this 2iu upon wake before cardio and 2iu pre bed

  2. Can Some one a swear this fucking question for once? I’ve been on 6 iu generic hgh and I feel fine no high blood sugar, I’ve been taking cardarine everyday as well so I feel like this is something nobody has thought of, cardarine is supposed to burn carbs and glucose right? And correct high blood sugar and it even lowered my high ldl, I also work a lot on a farm so im hardcore manual labor and I burn up everything I eat I’m pretty sure I’m getting pretty lean, is this protocol correct Thais it make sense???

  3. I’m a little confused though. He said 600 test and 300 Primo. And he’s pinning every other day. Does that mean that he’s doing that much every two days? Because that seems like a ton of drugs to me. That’s like open bodybuilding cycle levels. Or is he splitting that dosage per week up in three microdoses?

  4. I"m assuming this is his offseason blast, and not just cruise right? I'm not sure if his goal is to be a top classic physique competitor or not, but if it is, I'm gonna say this seems a bit low. I would imagine most of the top competitors are using quite a bit more than this during their offseason blast. I'd see something like this as more common at the top levels:

    750-1gram/week test e or c
    5-600mg/week deca or 600-800mg eq
    cycling 4 weeks on 4-6 weeks off
    anadrol at 50-100mg/day
    dbol 40-50mg/day

    *similar hgh dose, up to 6 units/day
    * possibly light insulin use in off-season only 10-20 units per day

  5. When someone takes hgh before bed = that’s a sign of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing .. your gh spikes during sleep .. best time to take gh is In the morning and late afternoon/evening .

  6. Nice video !

    I’m on TRT 150 mg a week test Cyp spit dose 2x a week

    I’m starting a recomp ( already around 13-15% body fat ) 6 feet tall 205 pounds

    Test up to 250 ( Adex pharma 1 mg twice a week – sensitive to Gyno )
    Proviron 50 mg a day ( half dose 2x a day )
    Tren ace 300 mg a week ( every day dosing )
    Dostinex pharma every 5 days half dose 0.125mcg

    Clenbuterol 2 weeks on ECA on the 2 weeks off

    16 week cycle

    Any thoughts or anything I should add ?
    Thanks !

  7. He's from England and speaks English. You're from Canada and speak English! Who do you think gets it right? How do you pronounce IT? vITamin! You must be from French Canada. God save the Queen

  8. Hey Derek, did you say “Telomestatin” as an ACE inhibitor? Do you have any references/studies to effectiveness/dosage or further info? and how it compares to others like propanolol etc through different mechanisms of action and long term effect on blood lipids or other bio markers? Thank you

  9. I genuinely want to know why you and Brandon want to look the way you do. Seriously no hate, but why? It’s bad for your health, costs a bunch of money, and girls don’t like guys that look like that. Seems like a lose lose lose in my book. I think guys like this have body image disorders.

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