BRAIN 🧠 CANCER KILLER: got something yummy today! Friend or Foe: Cannabis Oil FRIEND!!

Cannabis oil! My name is Scot Pekarek. I have Brain Cancer (Grade 2 Glioma). Welcome to my story! Nothing could prepare me for this, but I’m going to fight for …


  1. Dude, did the rso show up? Grandpa Simpson?

    DONT FEAR IT, start taking a grain of rice size a day, your tolerance will work up without destroying you. I have seen several brain cancer patients go full recovery, but it has to flood the system. The sample was 6 grams, 10% of the suggested routine, and if you contact me through message I can get you the test results on it. Hopefully that big can of oil came with info on how much cannabis is in that, so you have some idea of how much your getting into the body.

  2. You are a true inspiration, to so many people! Keep this shit going brother! So proud of you, your commitment to your fight, inspiring change, and cannot wait to see you beat this fucker!!

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