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Join our LIVE body cleanser LIVE session at 6:30 pm IST on Facebook and YouTube. Learn age-old yogic techniques (kriyas) to help you clean your body, that’ll …


  1. When you are doing yoga you are practicing Hinduism which means worshipping their gods (demonic/satan) be careful people do your research, if you say it’s for exercising no it’s still practicing hinduism, there is no yoga without hinduism, and no hinduism without yoga they were created for each other all those chakras and astrology things it’s all summoning demons, don’t open doorways to them, please for knowledge’s sake do your research if you too lazy to there is a video about it

    Look for the truth about yoga by truth unedited you will find or you could look at other videos

    Also only The Most High YWHW is enough for us pray he is there pray and repent for your sins in the name of Yahshua (Jesus) and give your life to him and follow him.

    Thank you Elohim (God) bless❤️

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