Best LED Grow Lights For Weed – Marijuana Grow Guide

Looking for Best LED grow lights for weed? Growing cannabis is not a recreational hobby anymore. It’s about obtaining the best using the best LED grow lights.


  1. Love the video and the content. Keep growing them ladies to the sky. I'm new to YouTube and channel creation/content. Id love if you stopped by and help GROW our Cannabis community. Much love and respect from Canada.

  2. I believe LED is the future,  OLED is a new concept that i think most people are probably going to like and adjust too, however i was raised in a period where you can either stick with the old school or adapt to the new school. For the most part i have adapted to the new school but still stick with the old school HID (CMH/LEC) which i think will probably lose the battle with LED and probably be fazed out in the future due to technology advancements. You only live once and completely understand why people are adjusting to the LED market. One love to all Cannabis growers and wish the best in your endeavors.

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