Best Cannabis Hydro System For Beginners

I have tried just about every cannabis growing hydroponic system out there… The Truth: (They All Work) However, with that said, there is ONE system that comes …


  1. I personally think coco loco is the best coco, its not in a brick form and is very clean. I mix it with a good high quality perlite at 70/30 or 60/40 coco to perlite ratio. Everyone has their own way and Ive found 5 gallon cloth containers filled about 85% is better thsn the 3 gallons. The advertised volume on these containers is usually a bit less than advertised. I water by hand. For the first 2 weeks or so, i keep the plant area moist. After the plant is 3 weeks maybe a little less. I water until i get run off from the bottom of the containers. Stick your finger in the coco and if its dry up to the 1st joint on your index finger, its time to water. Test your run off waters tds for nutrients levels. You dont want to guess at this. Push your plants to their limits safely..Its also wise to put your grow containers on blocks to get air under the container. You dont have to water coco/perlite as much as you do soil. Humboldt nutrients are the absolute best i have ever used and Ive used them all. With a container of Jacks Bloom booster. Be very careful mixing Jacks. Its NPK is huge and will burn your plants. If used at half strength every 10 days you'll see explosive growth. But keep your tds in range. Too high and you get nutrients lock out, too low and your plants aren't eating enough. Spend the 12 dollars and get a meter and keep your ph in range.

  2. Im sick of soil cus it tastes like shit n when i go to store i buy areoponics or hydro so why wouldnt i grow hydro myself but water do u need ro water n that gets expensive so ebb n flow is better

  3. You don’t get big yields in coco unless you’re experienced in growing in coco it will never be as massive as dwc but fuck dwc unless you’re home all the time cuz it’s hard and like you said 1 tiny mistake and your plants are dead use organic soil and nutes

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