Berner Announces Cookies Cannabis Mobile Dispensary & Private Events Business

Berner Announces Cookies Cannabis Mobile Dispensary & Private Events Business • Marijuana Entrepreneurs • Let’s Talk Cannabis LMC… Subscribe To The …


  1. @Lets Talk Cannabis LMC when do you think Oklahoma will go adult-use? Cause from my understanding their medical qualifications for a card are pretty relaxed and they have something around 1,700 licensees(last September) for dispensary and on top of that they have 250k(low estimate) people who have medical cards!

  2. Berner is life goals for me. I have a long hard road I've been dealing with! Nov 2019 I got into a car wreck and messed up my neck and back, lost my job because of the pains. Found out my girl was cheating so I kicked her ass out! All in the same month. Lease was up in Dec and I didn't want to stay there with her memories, it killed me inside so I left, hit the road and became homeless for a while living out of my car and working for Doordash to get by. Got stable again then Covid hit and lost that job, then got arrested for Marijuana possession! So I am fighting that in court now also. As if I didn't have enough on my plate. LoL But I see it was a test, once the settlement from the accident kicks in and if they make it legal before then my goal is to open a dispensary. Fuck romance, Fuck Friends, I got to make it happens for myself. Everything happens for a reason I'm told, my ex cheated so she can get out of my way and I can focus on my dreams instead of her and her ungrateful family. I was homeless so I could appreciate the hustle of making things happen from scratch and not giving up. I got arrested to learn not to trust anyone but myself and now if Marijuana legalization happens before my court date! I know it's a sign for me to open a dispensary because being an entrepreneur is my dream. Berner is a role model, its much easier in California though because its legal. I hope I don't do any time for Marijuana and the case gets dropped soon, these lawyers are killing me financially! I hope I get to go back home to San Antone soon, this new city bores me. I want to start an Empire like Berner, a legal one this time around. LoL Love your content bro! I watch every episode to keep up with legalization news.

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