1. My experience of smoking cannabis has given me nothing but positive effects. I suffer from epilepsy, soft tissue rheumatism and ADHD, and I can say with no doubt that cannabis is the greatest medication I've ever had. I've never had any side effects unlike the meds I've been given by my doctor. Cannabis is highly beneficial and should therefore be encouraged.

  2. my security,my experience,my tabacco experience,my marijuana experience,my happiness,my ecstasy experience, my depression are ideas actually and it is not a question of reducing consumption ,or increasing consumption of these substances ,but actually seeing that these are experiences of someone or yourself and are ideas actually and nothing else.

  3. experiencing has nothing to it and is the reason for conflict.isnt it?i smoked a cigarrete today and wondered later how much sensory clarity it gave me etc.the question is not whether its good or bad.but why you want it.isnt it?doctors will everlastingly discuss the goodness or badness of it and its endless trivail of theirs and will never satisfy you as satisfaction is endless.you can only get an opinion about experience,nothing more.you can get an opinion about marijuana.so why wonder?

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