1. just tips here don't point your fans at the plants, point them between the the plants and the light to get rid of the light heat.( know its an led but still thats not the point of fans). spider mites look into strong sulfur sprays.not a tip but your timers and the lights who cares the lights are green on them and they aren't strong in any shape way or form, not big deal but aka waste of time and tape (also the light only goes on when it is on with in the auto off setting)

  2. Hey try out an organic (OMRI) approved fungicide/insecticide called "Dr. Enzymes". They also ship free samples, just pay for shipping ($10) but will literally solve your problem in a heartbeat.

  3. thanks kagman! so I finally have a spot to grow in my attic which, ceiling height at peak maybe 5 1/2 ft.. whadya think? will it work? say area 8' wide at good height by 20'

  4. Nice grow. But I think that your fan is too strong, those girls were swaying. It's only supposed to be so the end of the leaves are flittering. There's alot of videos out there on this subject. But still a good grow tho. I'm a beginner too. Subbed. Looking for subs✌

  5. I'm growing weed in an outdoor greenhouse in the UK. Keep finding white worms a few mm long with black eyes in my soil, and they are not fungus gnat larvae and not spring worms. Does anybody have any ideas what they are??

  6. Very nice, that light is the exact style of led I was thinking about getting for my med grow once I get my licence, any complaints ir tips for how close you can safely have them bear the tops of your plants?

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