Beating Breast Cancer: 5 Things My Doctor Didn't Tell Me (That Would've Helped)

There are 5 things that REALLY helped me after I was diagnosed with breast cancer (twice!). I wish my doctors had told me about them. But they didn’t.


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  2. I was her boss, that is SO nice. And she did a great job at work while doing it all.and this video is such a good resource for people with any condition really. very wise content xoxoxox

  3. This video is fun and informative. It’s just the right balance of light on a difficult topic such as BC. Keep up the great work Jennifer we need more videos like this – absolutely inspirational!!!

  4. Thank you, jbk! Very helpful suggestions presented in a caring and engaging way with a certain lightness which can be difficult with a heavy topic but I think works! In response to your question, I would be interested in tips on how to know if a doctor is right for you. I'm also interested in what algorithm you used to determine treatment, at least the second time around. I think they're getting it to be more and more of a science, no pun intended 😊

  5. Excellent tips for dealing with BC, but also very useful for any illness. I really hope you can tag health care workers who can use your video to help their patients! Well done JBK

  6. Thank you for sharing this, Ginny. Your first bonus tip really resonated with me; I've often found that the story I'm telling myself about my illness (I have a chronic intestinal disease that flares up and then goes into remission) has a HUGE effect on my health. Mental, emotional, physical – I am profoundly affected by what I think and believe about my body and future. So thank you for saying "change the narrative." I really appreciate you — as well as the creative way you illustrate your points! That's fun and interesting, and definitely makes a heavy topic lighter and easy to manage. xo

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