Barton Morris on Let It Rip | Michigan Marijuana Legalization

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  1. I love how the guy who is from an organization for a healthy Michigan is literally the fattest one on, and more than likely the most unhealthy. But hey don’t smoke weed, it’s unhealthy??? Eating in excess is worse than weed

  2. I love how they act like people are going to START possessing marijuana when it legalized, “at midnight we celebrate”. They hate that they can’t incriminate innocent people for it. They stress the circumstances where they can still arrest people, it’s disgusting. There’s no limit on how much alcohol you can have. We need to focus on who we vote out of office, I’m only voting for pro marijuana candidates from now on.

  3. I do hate to see the young drink OR smoke weed, because the frontal lobes of the brain are as yet not fully developed until the mid 20s. It's unlikely the drinking age will be raised to 25, however.

  4. Marijuana Is less impairing than Alcohol…
    Breathalyzer test is just for $$$ fines.
    They put taxes on it More $$$
    Its Not Legal Its Regulated .
    Its Legal When I Can Spark up and
    not worry about some badge coming around thirsty for a dollar.

    Lmao I Bet anyone 100$ i could drive better when im high then when im drunk.
    Btw they don't have a breathalyzer test for pharmaceutical drugs…

    There are some pills poppers out there that drive dangerously impaired


  5. Who the fuck is that asshole to say what is too much? He's not a user or a pothead. He's just saying whatever he's been paid to say. Old men that don't know shit about it or how much is needed should not be making these laws. This is such a fucking joke it makes me sick.

  6. So if u get seen drinking alcohol can u be fired even if it's off work cause if it's a drug free place what's the difference yes weed sits in your blood cells when. U smoke doesn't mean your affected the whole time it's in your system so how can u say weed off of work is not acceptable but alchohol is

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