1. Thanks… so, hopefully if I order a " Gold Tone B1012-03 MM-150 Long Neck 5-String Banjo Neck "from a retailer online, it will come without the holes already drilled? For now I admittedly have an off-brand pot (that takes a flat cut heel) and I was worried about the existing two holes being off from Gold Tone's standard. I'll admit I started looking for *wider*, standard-length neck like the CC-100R/W neck but cannot find one anywhere (without buying the whole banjo by hocking stuff) so I became interested in long necks when I saw one that was wider like 1.3"… ARGH…edit: wait, I thought long necks had a wider nut; looks like the Gold Tone B1012-03 MM-150 has a 1 3/16 nut like any bluegrass standard length beck… ? Man I can't believe how hard it is to buy a wider neck, 22 frets or 25, even with flat cut heel. Maybe my music store can call CT and get a "replacement" CC-100R/W ?

  2. How do you determine the angle cut on the banjo neck at the diameter of the pot, to compensate for the correct angle of the scale of the instrument? In other words the angles for a 26 1/4" fret scale, opposed to say a smaller scale banjo with a 23" 0r 22" scale. How do you determine the neck angle for each cut on the neck, to be fitted to the pot? Thank you Tom.

  3. hello! so i have a full sized open back banjo. i also have a goldtone plucky. i want to put the neck of my banjo on the pot of the goldtone plucky. would you think this is do-able/workable?

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