1. Hello Maren 5D. There is alot of logic and sense in what you are saying. I fully agree with you. Quick question for a health freak like myself, I dont smoke and I am against it. What are the healthy ways to consume marijuana?

  2. Here's my take on it and why its really illegal.
    Cannabis protects the mind from mind control, It puts you in the now(the purest state of being), it raises thy senses and awareness, it is medicine and can cure disease and remove pain, it can replace 80% of the material we use today and is eco friendly, houses built on hempcrete are built to last thousands of years, hemp seeds are the most nutritious complete food on the planet that contain everything we need to sustain life, the oil extract cures and destroys cancers without leaving a negative side effect or reaction(the corrupt pharma/medi system makes 200B+ a year of cancer alone), It absorbs 4x the carbon dioxide of trees and matures in 3-6months giving us cleaner and more air to breathe, It is one of the only plants to actually protect from radiation and remove or enhance protection against radiation, you could literally go all day 😛
    Its a war on consciousness but there are 2 many awake now and it only multiplies and doubles faster and faster in numbers.
    Peacee & Loveee keep doing what you do!

  3. Honey, I heard nothing really new here, same information as was floating around last fifty years. I understand fully what you are saying. I do, and I have no argument truly. I would ask you this, are you willing to allow the new cosmic energy in, into you, with out this attachment? Lay down the peripheral war. Get to the center, in you and allow the true healing, lift the layer that covers the true magnificence. 💙🕊💙

  4. Found your channel from a comment you left on an Infinite Waters video and I'm glad I did! Everything you say resonates with me because it's what I have been learning in the past few years. Great video and you've gained a subscriber!

  5. I love the thought-provoking title! Are you a sagittarius? You have a way of using straight-forward talk to your advantage…of exposing the facts and truths in a blunt way…and you are so right…noone's died because of a weed…Not one person…Literally Zero people have been fatally harmed by weed. Contrast this to the millions who have taken a doctor's prescription and WHOOPS, dropped dead because of a "side-effect". When the "side-effect" is DEATH, well, I think that just means these prescriptions are effectually acting like poisons. Death-inducing poisons lol.

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