Baby with seizures

Our son Gabriel has had seizures since birth. He is doing a little tummy time (2 months old) here then has a seizure. This is the first time I was able to get it on …


  1. Please do not judge this mom. Being a new mom is hard enough on top of that a baby with a medical condition no one is ever ready for it. You do what you think is best for your child. No one knows all the answers nor is anyone perfect. Sadly this baby passed away in 2019. Please give her some slack and don't be rude she suffered enough already . No parent should ever bury a child. May he RIP and don't listen to the ignorance of some. You are the best mom in my eyes hands down

  2. I pray for Gabriel, A baby should never have to go through anything like this. i can't imagine having a child and looking at the baby knowing it can't control this. I cried, Rest in peace Gabriel. 💕💕

  3. He is so beautiful! I am so very sorry that you both had to endure what must be absolute terror experiencing this. I am grateful this little guy is no longer suffering but am so sad to learn of you losing him. RIP with Jesus little man.

  4. Sorry sweetie to hear your darling has passed away. Oh, you must be devastated over losing him. I do feel your pain so much. At least he is not suffering now and in God's hands now. You WILL see him again one day. Please accept my condolences. Janice, Melb Australia.

  5. For all those commenting on this video, a few things.

    1: I was verrrrry new to seizures (had never seen one in my life) prior to having my son. Our doctors had said if you try to move his limbs or move his head and they/ it are "stuck" in that position then it is a seizure. Being as he was so small and his seizures were largely non vocal, it was hard to accurately count them early on. Yes I know now that trying to force a movement during a seizure can cause harm and I assure you I was not pushing that hard, simply seeing if he was seizing. Also, as I said, new to seizing so all the comments of lay him on his side, yes I should have done that, but you cant fix what you dont know and sadly I didnt know that at the time. Granted, he didn't have issues from that instance and thankfully never had choking or aspiration pneumonia which is rather unheard of in the medically intractable seizure community.

    2: We moved to a state where you could get CBD oil (before it became classified as hemp and legal to use elsewhere) and saw a reduction in his daily seizures. He went from having at least 3 tonic-clonic a day to 1 a week but still had countless spasms. While the CBD helped his quality of life, we didn't see much improvement on the mental side. He was non-mobile, non-vocal and ate via g-tube. He had double hip dysplasia surgery at almost 5 years old due to them being 95% and 75% out of socket respectively (the majority of his seizures he would "scissor" his legs and effectively trained his muscles to pull his hips out over time). He went on Oxygen for the surgery and his lungs never fully recovered so he was on low flow oxygen at home from then on. Gabe started having cardiac episodes when he was 7 years old. We saw him have a heart rate as high as 210 bpm all the way down to 30bpm in the span of 12 hrs. His seizures started affecting every part of his body. On December 13th, 2019 after having a minor cold, Gabe passed in his sleep, he was almost 8 years old. We take great comfort knowing that he is not suffering and not fighting for bodily peace anymore, though we greatly miss him. </3

  6. This video was from over 8 years ago,any updates on this little guy's condition now that he's 9 years old, assuming that he's still alive of course? Aso,for anyone thinking that in 2020 this kid is still a baby or that this was from just a few months ago, this was 8 years ago,so he'd be 9 years old now.

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