Autism and CBD Oil | Cannabis Help With Anxiety? | Fathering Autism Vlog #70

We are talking about starting Abbie on CBD oil. What’s your experience with autism and CBD oil? Does cannabis help with anxiety? We are preparing Abbie for …


  1. It’s legal now in Canada 🇨🇦 and I have heard and seen it has amazing results. Charlottes web is a great video to watch as the brothers made a special plant just for her. Watch her video. It’s great.🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  2. We were told by our vet that they just "let dogs have seizures". Our chihuahua was having violent seizures where she'd scream and one time she lost complete consciousness. He finally gave us some medication and she seized every attempt we tried to give it to her. We heard about medical marijuana and now we have our dog back. Big Pharma isnt everything.

  3. Whatever works…I take .05 xanax once at night…when my shoulders start to creep up to my ears I know I am overly stressed and anxious. I cannot do marijuana…I tried and it worsens my paranoia…lol..back in the day..tried a few times..same family thinks I should try a new strain of this or that…nah…Ill stick to my xanny…thats me. Some people do well on cbd or higher inputs of thc…;not me..

  4. We are currently using CBD oil. We only give our large grown son a half does and we add a young living oil called co-pai-ba. Autocorrect won't let me spell that without hypens. We have seen a much better process of making eye contact. He is also having fewer melt-downs. I think if something works (RX or otherwise), go for it. We also are conservative, but with compassion. Whatever makes our guy feel better. As long as it is legal.

  5. From what I know of cannabis and cbd oil in regards to personal experience with my father, the cbd oil my father extracted would work wonders for minor injuries like cuts, pain and his anxiety. We also used it for a while to reduce the size of an external tumor/growth on our one dog. I am open to the use of cbd oil, however, I am a bit sceptical because I've have had a traumatic childhood due to my father developing drug enduced schizophrenia from smoking cannabis.

  6. OMgosh Abbie carrying her shopping bags ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤧beautiful angel and beautiful Priscilla I love you dearly mamma.if I could meet one famous person on this earth it would be Priscilla hands down 💋yes I’m a Rn I use cod for leukemia kids all the time it keeps temps down and kidneys benefit from less paracetamol. I’m conservative but trust me it prevents dialysis 9 months of marma.

  7. I've just started using CBD for my anxiety, i struggled with medication as everything i tried gave me bad side effects, but so far so good on CBD i take just on drop at night, it's helping me to sleep and has reduced my anxiety, i do take my CBD in juice as i hate the taste.

  8. So I’m curious looks like this video is roughly a yr old have they found out what’s working do they dose only when taking their child to events or are they daily micro dosing???

  9. My son has Aspergers and anxiety that turns to getting really upset then to anger. Ido not want him on meds all his life. I am trying cbd oils this Thursday. I hope it helps his sleep issues also.

  10. I don't know what your final decision was regarding trying CBD Oil with Abbie, but I think you should seriously consider a trail period with CBD oil. There is no THC, the active ingredient in Cannabis, in CBD oil. It is manufactured hemp oil. Clinical research on Charlotte's Web and similar product has shown CBD oil to be safe and effective for epilepsy, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain as well as other uses. It may or may not help Abbie….like any medication or herbal supplement. It might be a good thing to try.

  11. Hi. Any update on the CBD oil? If so.. how was it for her? Where did you buy it from? I use CBD cream and I rub it on my son legs and head after bath and before bed! It so relaxes him. I'm running out of cream. I'm looking for a oil.

  12. I know this is a video from a while ago, but i wanted to give my input.
    I personally just bought my first bottle of CBD oil a few months ago. I wanted to try it to see if it would help with my anxiety and overthinking at night. After the first week of taking it i seen a huge difference. It didnt make me “high” it just relaxed my mind and mellowed me out a little. I was able to focus on whatever task i was doing & move on with my day without stressing over simple things.

    Im all for it now. It truly does help!

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