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  1. Read The Emperor wears No Clothes. It talks about it being given to us and when they took it away people became evil. Great info in this book. Be careful government doesn't want us read it. And my apologies for correcting you but it was Exodus 30:23-25 and 6 pounds of cane. Which is Kanen bosem, Kaneh, or Kannabus, in Hebrew I believe. 12 pounds of Cassia- Chinese Cinnamon along with 12 pounds of Myrra-natural resin or gum, 6 pounds of regular cinnamon mixed with a gallon of olive oil. Enjoyed your video.

  2. It's the healing of the nation and they just confirmed ancient Israelite temple they found cannabis and frankincense don't demonize a plant when clearly god said I given you all things GREEN that beareth SEED it's an herb people need to grow up in these times stop living in Babylon confusion and do the research of Ethiopian culture and Haile Selassie (power of the trinity) and healing of the nation

  3. What does happens in this people's heads?!…

    And some people still call this kind of thing "science".

    Where did you took all those things from?

    Not saying Jesus never used Cannabis these oilsnor whatever – which could be highly plausible.

    But, didnt crossed your mind, the fact the you might be forgetting a few facts, a few variables? Such as culture historical period place language narrative and on.

    One single passage you quote, three elements, are not than enough to make you have second thoughts about your theory – at least it should, but I suppose it also depends of your intentions with all that…

    Passage: Philip; Elements: water, oil, fire.

    Won't get into interpretations neither speculations about what they wanted to express with that – which would require a far more cautious and detailed study. But, I can't tell you these, and I believe you must agree, want it or not: oil is hydrofobic, dont mix with water; oil catches fire, one of its most common uses at the time, by the way, In lamps, wasn't it?!

    So, back to the black board, and study, perhaps?!

  4. But he said that "I and the Father are same" u cannot deny that sentence
    And it's not some kinda herb that made miracle it Word of God.
    And apostles of jesus poured the oil on certain areas of body they dint make any body to consume it .
    So tur claim doesn't make any sense.

  5. Holy anointing oil might've contained canabis; but that doesn't give us free reign to abuse it and smoke it 24/7.

    Also; the oil doesn't account for giving people eye sight; or exorcising demons; or bringing the dead to life.

    Always go to God.

  6. The power comes from his hands and his words. I smoke weed , n need help but I will not stay silent while you play with God. N base his power off the power of weed. You went too far.

  7. Doesn't really change anything in Christian doctrine if this is true. Just changes the recipe in the oil used. Also, the non-canonical text was condemned for the incorrect meaning of the oil's application, not the oil's application itself, which remains part of the Church's sacrament rituals today, including the sacrament of Confirmation.

  8. But according to John Allegro, decipher of the Dead sea scrolls. Jesus Christ is the magic mushroom. Maybe it's all code for drugs. Maybe those were the occult mystical traditions of enlightenment. Drugs.

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