I’m so excited to be partnering with Medabloom for this video! For real – CBD is a product I already buy anyway, so I’m really grateful to be promoting it 🙂 you can …


  1. so you may need to turn your volume up :/ sorry about that – I’ll fix it for the next 3dio video ☺️ still trying to figure out the best settings in this damn apartment! lol anyway, enjoy some tingles and maybe some CBD ? 😏💖

  2. This is really good. you should clickbait the title/thumbnail with hemp oil. Also love the ear tapping, some people do the same sound for 30 min but you keep it alternating and varied.

  3. I’m looking into getting cbd oil and found this video 🙂 but when I clicked on the link to check it out it took me to the home page and stuff but when I clicked on “shop now” it says 404 error and they no longer have an Instagram 🙁

  4. 24,000 bees. I’m honoured to be one of your little bees 😊🥰 Keep going, Raven! 24,000! You’ll be able to add another 0 to that by this time next year because you’re so kind and caring and who wouldn’t want to be subscribed to you?! 💖 Oh and this video was GREAT, as always! In fact, this might be one of the best videos you’ve ever done! 👏🏼💕

  5. Can't do CBD and run the risk of a false positive, otherwise I'd definitely try it. Seems legit from what I've read.

    This was super relaxing though. You cannot make a bad video. I adore your whispers.

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