1. Thanks for sharing!
    I have c-PTSD, agoraphobia, depression and anxiety. Try smoking indica strains only. Sativas can intensify anxiety. Also, I think you're describing anticipation anxiety when you talk about coughing when smoking. I'm the opposite when it comes to smoking… When it scratches and I cough, I know I'm about to be extra relaxed lol But I do get anticipation anxiety for other reasons, and it sucks >.<
    Personally, I vape the herb at home with the 'Boundless Tera Vaporizor' and a bong (it makes the vapour cooler and easier on your throat) , if and when the anxiety gets a hold of me. And I take Diazepam when I have to leave my house. Currently I'm doing a new-ish treatment with Propranolol. Check out videos from Merel Kindt. She's got a mini series of four video clips that I'd recommend. I find it interesting.
    Regarding your neck pain, my neck and back pain intensifies when I'm stressed or anxious. I had both injured too, but it seems fine now if and when I manage to relax. Check out 'The Body Keeps the Score' by Bessel Van der Kolk, and 'The deepest Well' by Dr Nadine Burke Harris. She's got a TED talk too which is really good. Both talk about how our mental health and physical health are connected. I also take turmeric and flaxseed oil capsules twice daily to reduce the inflammation. Those two things are miraculous. Turmeric reduces the chance of cancer etc. Check it out!
    I've researched plenty. Let me know and I can share some links with you, if you want me to. The more I learn about my conditions, the "easier" it gets to deal with them.
    Sending you love and strength from across the pond ❤

  2. Thanks Fam Respect thanks for keeping it real !!
    Question though do you think weed is good to detect things like anxiety panic attacks paranoia ect? Just wondering cause that's what I was thinkin..

  3. Had exactly the same path you went through
    But with hash and xanax
    I could never smoke weed , weed would just kick me into paranoia instead of panic attacks , so for people like me stick to hash and take xanax only to figure out your weaknesses “ learn from them “. Figure out why those panic attacks are happening

    Trust me guys been through hell but now im smoking up almost with no medicine.

  4. “I tooked every ones of those pillses”. Lol I just got dumber. Please don’t use hardcore benzodiazepines to manage weed paranoia. Those drugs are to be prescribed after an in depth evaluation by a doctor. Jesus this is wreck less and stupid

  5. Remember everyone is different there's plenty of people that clonazapam and act accordingly please don't say things like this cuz we are all different clonazapam it's been a wonder for me amazing but of course use responsibility don't abuse it def don't drink

  6. I really appreciate this bro, I went to the emergency room for a panic attacks and they found a nodule in my lung, waiting on the CT scan to find out if I'm good. Kinda not feeling prozac, I love weed, thinking I just need to see a therapist and figure things out. Again I appreciate this video.

  7. Salute bro!! I'm new to this shit. I just started having these attacks and they scare the shit out of me cause I didnt know what was happening. I am a medical marijuana patient too. It's funny cause I asked my doctor today if I can take the lorazepam with marijuana. She said I would have to ask them

  8. Thanks for sharing! I myself like the chlonazepam “ kolonipin” it’s a longer lasting calm when it does kick in “ around 35-45 minutes . But I’m also on lexapro 20mg and I know that it’s an SSRI , and with that messing with my serotonin levels I am nervous that the weed may cause my serotonin levels to me to high and something bad happen . So I feel like I’m stuck . When I do smoke it’s a very low THC and high CBD content . Any opinions or knowledge on the matter?

  9. I prefer Klonopin.. theyre smoother, and in my opinion are way more tranquil. Xanax is easier to get f*** up on or take way more than I should. I take 60 1 mg Klonopin/" Clonazepam" a month n it works great. Diazepam/valium made me too sedated/sleepy.

  10. Lorazepam worked in a instant for me. In hospitals they give you Ativan (that dissolves under your tongue) to calm people down having serious psychiatric conditions immediately (it takes 10-15 mins top). I only use Lorazepam cause it’s cheaper and stronger than the brand name Ativan from my perspective. The first time I was prescribed Lorazepam in 2008 was because I was catching a flight the next day and have panic attacks flying. 1mg and I was sleeping within 10 minutes and getting a shoulder shoved in my cheek cause I was passed out on the guy beside me 😂 Benzodiazepines are much harder to get prescribed today compared to 10 years ago.

  11. I took 3mg of lorazepam do you think it's safe if I take a few hits of weed? It's blueberry kush, an indica. I smoked for the first time the other day and I wouldn't say I had a panic attack but I had a repeating time loop like the same 5 seconds would repeat over and over again. Also I could understand things people said but I couldn't speak like I couldn't express even the most basic idea it was like I didn't know how to speak any language. It was strange but then I laid down and listened to music and the music felt good. What do you think would happen if I took 1-3 puffs rn? Thank you

  12. I'm starting on prozac tomorrow and I was a big week smoker and if really love to have a joint after a year away from it. Miss it so much but if the prozac fails ima try the diazepam. Thanks bro

  13. I used to smoke and enjoyed it when I first started but overtime I started to get anxious, overthink and paranoid and it just got worse and worse rn I’m trying to get off antidepressants so I can enjoy it again hopefully that will work

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