America Finally Liberated: Marijuana Legalization Inevitable – Roger Goodman Interview

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  1. If the US Gov’t had to amend the Constitution to ban alcohol then amend to remove the ban this level of requirement should be the same for marijuana. Marijuana prohibition at the Federal level is unconstitutional!!!

  2. The plant is called Cannabis and NOT marijuana. That was a slang term used to demonize the plant to make it sound more Mexican to scare white people. Marijuana is a mix of Mexican tobacco and not cannabis. Wake up!!!!!

  3. Fire jeff sessions now..not tomarrow not a week not a month..NOW!revive the hemp industry and watch new businesses crop up.too many products created with hemp that are all bio degradable.replace plastics.legalize marijuana and have it for all incomes.have the best for the top dollar and have some a lil better than the black market for their prices

  4. Yes, Cali passed recreational use last election. The problem is they gave the individual counties the right to manage how it is legal in their own counties. In my county, you cannot grow outdoors. It must be inside and not more than 6 plants. I can't afford to grow indoors so I grow it in my backyard anyway. I have a medical ID and I have taken my pain pills down from 5 a day to one. I don't drink or do any other drugs, like heroin etc., and I think marijuana is the way to go. There is so much variety to choose from. Some pot gets you up and others relax you. Brownies are always good and easy to make. I was very successful in my working life before I retired and I smoked pot the whole 50 years and it never hurt me. Schedule #1!? That is so ridiculous. Millions of people smoke pot and it is fruitless to say they could reverse all the elections that have made it legal. Listen to the people, politicians.

  5. Don't forget how William Randolph Hearst, who used his forest and trees for paper, came into competition with hemp as paper. So he used his newspaper to demonize marijuana, during the times of "Reefer Madness" . . . not much was said about cultural insults to Mexicans.

  6. My grandpa, r i p, was born in 1915. He smoked it. My dad and I smoke down about twice a year. It's something else to connect with family to bond with weed. We have CBD now. Come on! THC ! Aaaaaaaaggggg. I'm in Texas. Federal is the only way. Our governer is a scared bitch.I

  7. Even if the states decriminalize Marijuana, not everyone is free to smoke still. Employers still have the right to drug test their employees and follow federal laws, rather than state laws.

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