Amazon PPC Launch Campaigns Strategy (STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL), Amazon PPC 2020 Guide for Beginners

This is an Upgraded Video to the last Launch video I made in 2019. In this video I go over the following: ☑️Why Amazon PPC? ☑️Changes & Updates on …


  1. Thank you so much for the great tutorial. kust a question, how do you set your bid and placement on automatic campaign for launching durung the honymoon period? Is it enough to only run automatic durung the honeymoon period to get data?

  2. Sharon, your tutorials are truly priceless! Thank you. I do have a question, I noticed on your PPC launch and stage 2 structures there were no broad or phrase types. Is that your recommendation to not use them? Thanks.

  3. Amazing tutorial as always! One thing though, on 1:04:09 it says campaign names cannot be changed. I've been constantly tweaking my campaign names to be more consistent with my portfolio. Or were you referring to something else?

  4. Hi Sharon, would you consider making video about your design process? if you want to stand out with product design what would you do? Learn Adobe illustrator? I heard a lot of good things about 99designs but it's not cheap and if you need to design more than one design what would you do? hehe

  5. Wow, Sharon, this video is so good because of the way you structured and explained the information at different stages of campaigns. Now I feel like I can at least understand the strategy even if I don't yet understand the mechanics. Thank you for the huge effort you must have put into this video.

  6. Thank you so much! I am def running my PPC blind folded and really need to buckle down and learn this. Time to start binge watching your other videos 😊Appreciate you sharing all your knowledge with us here and in the FB group 🤗

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