1. It's been said that astral projectors and near death experiencers see new colors on the otherside. If these colors include ultraviolet or infared it would be easy to set up a test to prove the astral exists.

  2. Psychedelics are, in my opinion, a useful tool for exploring consciousness and unlocking potentials within the mind. They offer an alternative to traditional forms of inner exploration such as meditation and dream work which can be difficult or boring for some people. The psychedelic experience itself is unique to each individual; it can be comforting, terrifying or somewhere in between but ultimately it offers a way for individuals to explore their minds without relying on others' knowledge or input.

    Psychedelics have also been used for thousands of years in cultures all over the world, and many people consider them to be sacred. While some are illegal, there is a growing movement towards their legalization and acceptance in Western culture; this would increase awareness of their use and potential benefits.

    However, psychedelics can also be harmful. They should not be used frequently or without a trusted guide and knowledge of appropriate dosages. Some people have had terrifying experiences which have damaged their mental health, although this is rare.

    There is also the problem of drug abuse in general. Some psychedelics, such as LSD and MDMA have been used by some people to escape from reality. This can be extremely harmful for the individual's mental health.

    Overall, I think that psychedelics can be a useful gateway to inner exploration for humanities future. Good video.

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