After Quitting Smoking Weed How Long Does It Take To Feel "Normal"

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  1. I’m 17 and I used to smoke on the daily for what I believe was around 3-4 months straight. Weed was really there to just make me happy and for me to get away from all the problems I had with family and etc. It took me a while to realize that I was addicted, because my mindset at that time, was that it was the only thing that made me happy , and feeling good when life sucks. I also had to keep hiding from my parents, who in turn were anti-smoking to the max. The only thing that truly made me stop, was realizing how much money I was spending, and when I didn’t have any money, I was making it my mission to mooch off as little money as I can to get my craving back. I was resorting to stealing from others to just have my 2 hours of relaxation . I couldn’t do anything normal anymore without having weed by my side. All the friends that I always had to smoke with, would not hang out with me if I didn’t have any to bring or use. All of this, and the fact that I’m paying for my happiness, really got me thinking hard and realizing that what I’m doing is wrong, and that weed itself is not holding me back, but I’m holding back myself for things I could be better off doing right now

    I decided go full cold turkey, and have been going for 4-5 weeks now, and I can consider myself completely insane. I feel depressed, and that anything, even the slightest bit of criticism or negativity makes me feel shit for the entire day. But, I know that I’m doing myself a favor, and once I feel normal, then I will realize the full damage of what I’ve done. If I ever want do want to come back to it when my life and responsibilities are taken care of, I HIGHLY suggest myself and others NOT to continue again if it’s really hard for you to stop. It’s not worth it, and the withdrawal really. It’s great to try it and to get to know the feeling, but having it as a lifestyle will have have more serious consequences than you will ever imagine.

  2. I overdosed on edibles (not a regular user) and it's been about a month and I still feel like shiiiiit occasions of paranoia, anxiety, heart palpatations! The symptoms get worse when I don't focus on eating healthy. Any tips to start feeling back to myself it's really annoying affecting my daily life.

  3. weed makes ur inner body weak not everybody if ur diet is nt that gud u will realize that after sometime ur muscles weak and ur throat chest that i feel after stop it for more than month your vocal cords destroy but u can recover it if u taking a high level diet and workout 🏋️‍♀️

  4. been smoking dabs heavy for about a year and a half every single day… Today, I will be taking a month off, maybe longer. The goal is to re introduce it once I know I can handle it more responsibly.

  5. I've smoked every 3 hours for the last 10 years and I'm trying to quit to become a nurse. Right now I HATE EVERYTHING & EVERYONE. I'm completely filled with rage, I wish this feeling would just go away.

  6. I smoked everyday for 11 years and then I quit for 5 years ….but it's TRUE what hes saying, it took around 5 months till I felt normal again, good luck to everyone trying to quit.

  7. i haven't smoke in two month after 17 years of daily smoking. I'm glad you recognize it takes months to feel "normal". I definitely don't feel like I'm there yet, so at least I know that it's not just me. My brain is having a difficult time adjusting. I'm having glimmers of hope, but I'm still going through it. I hope I make it to the other side!

  8. I smok marijuana daily about 1.5 gram for 30 years, it takes me 3 days to break the habbit , but the problem is getting good sleep with out all the fkn dreams,,,, that takes me about 3 weeks.

  9. Yeah once you told me you still smoke I had to stop the video no. Alter how you sugar coat it your addiction won do you know how long thx stays in the fat you are never clean you are funny my guy people don’t listen to him

  10. I have to point this out & noone will believe me but science will prove this 1 day. We know for a fact that many strong drugs deplete Vitamin B-1. Alcoholics, benzo & meth heads can use up so much B-1 (in their brain) they can die from it. We have names for the syndrome too. But NOONE is talking about how THC does the same thing. Anything that fires off lots of neurotransmitters will burn through B-1 stores in your brain faster than anything. B-1 is crucial for dopamine production, energy, sleep, memory, many things that weed impacts. I smoked for 7 yrs, sticking to a schedule of only smoking on the weekends. Not one time did I ever break that ritual in 7 yrs. Then suddenly out of nowhere after 7 yrs… Sunday night rolls around, I don't smoke, but I can't sleep AT ALL. And I had noticed this weed rebound insomnia creeping up 4-5 months before. It started slow but got horrendous. And I had no idea why suddenly I was getting slammed by insomnia after only smoking Fri & Sat for 7 yrs. There was simply no explanation for it. So I smoked that sunday night, then monday, then tuesday… then spent a couple months reading nothing but research.

    Anyway I bought fat soluble thiamine, called "allithiamine". It can NOT be water soluble thiamine (in a multivitamin) as water soluble will NOT pass into the brain. It will have no impact on neurotransmitters. But let me say this for an ABSOLUTE FACT.

    If you've been smoking for years, and suddenly notice it becomes MUCH HARDER TO TAKE BREAKS. Where suddenly insomnia is much worse, anxiety is much worse, more restlessness, more fatigue, more depression… but you're not actually using more weed…. DO NOT TELL YOURSELF THIS IS "OLD AGE". YOU NEED >>>FAT SOLUBLE B-1. At least 100-200mg allithiamine for a month to get your levels back up.

    After 2 weeks of taking allithiamine I COULD NOT BELIEVE the change. Anxiety was gone. Those paranoid weed thoughts, gone. Insomnia gone. Restlessness GONE. That Vitamin changed my brain so dramatically, and I noticed I was able to take breaks again after SMOKING MORE DAYS IN A ROW, but would get FAR LESS INSOMNIA. And then I thought "if it's so easy now to take breaks… why not take a long break?" and I made it 6 weeks now not smoking once.

    EVERY POT SMOKER who has smoked more than 2-3 yrs, I GUARANTEE YOU that you have no B-1 left in your brain. Even if you have some in your liver, heart, kidneys… you can't get B-1 back in your brain unless you take a special form of it. And THC will effect you worse & worse & worse as levels of B-1 decrease.

    All I ask is that more people try this. You want to quit or take a break? GO BUY ALLITHIAMINE. Take it for 2-4 weeks. Then try quitting again & watch how much easier it is.

  11. wow great video thanks, i’m not like other people was only smoking 24/7 for like 5 months. withdrawals aren’t as severe as others, but still have the sweats, anxiety, mood swings, irritability. Though it’s been about a week but i still don’t feel normal. I think you made a great distinction between withdrawals and feeling normal, because it’s really feeling normal again that we are all aiming for. Thanks gabriel :))

  12. Can someone help me out… I’m 12 years old an I smoked weed about 15 times an it was hardcore shit like y’all might be thinking ok ur dumb shut up but guys… my fucking brain feels so dumb an i don’t like it I can’t feel normal an my head is so dumb it’s like I’m forming psychosis plz plz plz plz plz someone help me out I hate this my Instagram is yvung_s4v4g3 plz someone help plz

  13. Damnn thank you so much for this video man! I've been smoking for 15 years, 11 years every day ALL day, and today is my first day without smoking. This video gave me a great idea on how long it'll take to get to my normal self and not have cravings. I'm stoked for this journey & videos like this make it easier 🙏💚

  14. this was a year ago but i smoked weed a month straight I'm going to enter my senior year just been smoking a lot this summer bc of quarantine i smoked 3 times or 2 a week then now everyday just bc its boring but needs stop when school starts gonna minimize the usage

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