After Decades of Denial NCI Admits Cannabis Kills Cancer, Ohio Set to Vote On Issue After decades of claiming that cannabis has no medicinal value, the U.S. government is finally admitting that cannabis can kill …


  1. Those who say that Marijuana cures cancer,or any other disease for that matter,should be ashamed of themselves.Their lies have real world consequences that lead to sick people not getting actual treatment that could save their life.Too bad drug pushers and addicts have no sense of right or wrong and even if they did read this they would defend their vile actions till their last breath.

  2. It is ALL about CHOICE ! Look at big PHARMA , look at ALCOHOL ,& TOBACCO.Look at BUDWEISER winning a championship in NASCAR ! ? Total HYPOCRISY ! I mean think about this , a beer company is sponsoring a RACE CAR !? The leaders are PSYCHOPATHS with an UNCONSTITUTIONAL DRUG WAR on the people , but nobody wants to talk about the war on poverty ! ? It's a fucking joke ,& that's why AMERICA will die , not so much because of terrorist as much as she has NO CREDIBILITY! She will die crushed by the monster she made.SAD. 🙁

  3. It may be that the government wasn't prohibiting marijuana because they knew it was beneficial in stopping cancer… but likely because it gives people clues to more important issues… more important knowledge. The people in power don't want us having the knowledge they do… so in my view we need to really study this and find out what they are really hiding. Maybe issues relating to physics or spirituality…

    For example.. the key here may not be so much the physical effects.. but the psychological effects and how they affect us physically and mentally.

  4. Of course they won't admit it. I'm certain they found a cure for cancer years ago but the government makes way more money keeping people sick then making them healthy. They have zero funding for pediatric cancer. Why is that? Because they don't want a cure. Sorry and sad but true. Yay America 🙁

  5. Thank you THANK YOU for being so brave and posting this!! I have just begun reading Rick Simpson's biography – he used what he calls hemp oil (boils cannabis with a solvent and then cooks solvent off and is left with a super-concentrated oil that looks like crank case oil. 🙂 He cured his own skin cancer as well as giving it to friends and others and curing their various cancers with its use. YES, CURING cancer – please watch "Run From The Cure" 😉 both 1 and 2. So very worth watching. BTW, I live in CO. The various counties dotted around our state where dispensaries are located are having trouble figuring out what to do with all the money coming in. What a problem, eh? 🙂 Meanwhile, people are being cured of cancer as well as many other health issues … using a plant that God made. And our gov't has the elephant balls to try to pass it over on us poor unsuspecting Americans that there's no cure for cancer, that we must spend more money on pink be-ribboned items (and lining all sorts of people's pockets) and the cure is as easy to grow and use as a sweet potato plant that bears its fruit. We have been duped, insanely so, fellow Americans.

  6. gate way drug dulls your brain slows your reaction don't smoke and drive or operate machines ..the word assassin comes from hashian they would smoke before they went on a murder rampage cant stand talking to anyone stoned they only wait to speak i hope they keep it illegal

  7. my brother was doing research on it over 20 years ago here in Florida at usf. he has 4 pat. your information is old news to me. Money is why it was ban. paper, lumber, medical industry all wanted monopolies

  8. My Mother had cancer lesions on her face. I told her to put cannabis oil on them. After she finally listened. They cleared up and faded. PEOPLE DON'T BELIEVE YOU when you tell them the truth about marijuana!

  9. there are thousands of patients, on cannabis, for cancer relief, and yet most die regardless, and autopsies show, no change in cancer growth, so why is this, if its a cure

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