1. the guy in the right is not close minded he is just saying the same fucking thing over and over again because there is not a lot of disadvantages in smoking pot he dont want to loose his job as a anti marihuana legalizator i think he got forced to go to that debate he is barely talking,, "i smoke tabaco xD" and his childish answers

  2. i hate alcohol..makes me queasy, and despite being 5'8", 195 lbs, being able to squat 350, bench 280, am a lightweight when it comes to alcohol…I LOVE MY CANNABIS!

    oh, btw, i have a masters degree in electrical engineering..so i'm not sure where all this anti-weed BS comes from..=)

  3. I dont think Brian (or anybody for that matter) could be THIS stupid and closed minded. My bet is just he's paid a shit load of money to spread bullshit like this on national TV for all the other close minded "mah kids aren't doin no damn heroin and smoking no garbage" people watching.

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