A Question of Compassion an AIDS Cancer Patient Explores Medical Marijuana by Peter McWilliams

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  1. From someone who personally lost a family member recently n another years ago to cancer and who is an avid supporter of cannabis this video was spot on n brought a grown man to complete tears reminiscing good and bad times alike and remo thank u sir, my heart truly needed this right now honestly and I'm not hesitating to share this asap..everybody please spread this vid and change minds and prohibition to ultimately change lives for the better!

  2. Thanks for posting, Remo. This makes me want to put much more effort into fighting the powers-that-be. One day they'll fall and this prohibition (in every corner of the world) will be a thing of the past. 

  3. This is a truly great work of public information, created by someone who genuinely wants to see this world a better place, and shared here by a guy who's tired of people not knowing what it's really all about, and doing something to educate people to the truth about cannabis EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    Three cheers for Julia and Remo, helping to continue spreading Peter McWilliams's message that, with a better informed population, we can help ourselves and others, and we can REPEAL CANNABIS PROHIBITION once and for all!

    To all the viewers of this video: Keep sharing the message, folks!  Now YOU are the ones who can make this video go viral, and reach MILLIONS!

    *This version ALSO favorited!  d=O)

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