A General Overview Of How To Grow Hemp For CBD

A quick guide covering the basics of how to grow hemp at home to harvest for CBD. Like the content? Then check out The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Creating …


  1. I bought some CBD flour and breaking down one of my buds I had 2 seeds popped out so I planted it and it started to grow idk how hard I'm gonna try on growing it but ima see how long I can keep it alive

  2. Your videos are great man. You really make it clear what’s really important for new growers and what’s more “nice-to-know” for the next level grows. Appreciated 🤙

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  4. What causes THC levels to spike in hemp during growth? Ya know… so I can.. avoid.. making those mistakes
    Add: And I don't mean much, If I wanted to get baked I'll smoke my pot, but I'm going to be growing a few hemp plants for myself next season and getting at least ~2% THC with ~16% CBD would be ideal. .02% is just ridiculously low

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