A CBD Testimony with the Cannabis Criminal

Miggy dons his bandit mask and becomes the Cannabis Criminal! Unfortunately, we live in a society where there’s always someone who is ready to put you in …


  1. CBD is BIG PHARMA propaganda to divide the community that has been fighting for the whole plant. CBD was always BIG PHARMA's evil PR plan. All over the world they made these "medical cannabis" laws so that they could make CBD in order to give to the people a fraction of the cannabis plant. Now with the help of some gold diggers that made CBD oils and profited from the cannabis plant, their plan is to keep Epidiolex and a few others on the market and complete CBD studies that will prove that cannabis has no medicinal benefits. Using long term CBD can be harmful to the body. Checkout the studies that were conducted on CBD. CBD is a SCAM and a lot of people felt into that. Humanity needs THE COMPLETE PLANT with THCv, THCa, etc. all the compounds, those are needed for our endocannabinoid system, not just CBD.

    If you prepare the cannabis oil according to the RICK SIMPSON method then you get the REAL CANNABIS OIL, then you get the medicine, but what do they say about THC ? that it provokes psychosis, it makes you HIGH. It doesn't do that ! people, it doesn't make you mad, it doesn't attack your immune system, it strengths everything instead. Those articles and those trolls that fill the internet with their lies about THC are BIG PHARMA's people.

  2. In Illinois remember according to dis show dey can't convict u4mj possession &/or distribution &/or,whatever besides if ure growing, unless u incriminate urself but dey can charge u wit mj possession &/or other crimes jus if ur cannabis in d legal term of art form of industrial hemp has any thc on it and dey test it..even if it were only thca ..their Field test decarbz thca into thc

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