1. I understand why people use the flipped date to measure flowering maturity. But i wonder, for people growing small plants, they must flip earlier than a well matured female. The pistils take longer to show on a plant that is very small, sometimes several days, as opposed to larger and older plant. Surely that effects when to harvest. I know they say rely on the trichomes, but i have trouble with that. My hands arent steady enough to hold a jeweler's loop, so i try to take magnified photos with a zoom attachment on my phone, but getting it in focus really is a pain in the ass. If anyone has a better method of checking the trichomes, to get a stable image, that would be awesome.

  2. Love the videos! I've heard the rule of percentages when determining harvest time. When you say 5-10%, are you talking of the overall trichomes meaning about 5-10% are amber or if they are individually 5 to 10% amber (just the tips? 🙂 ?

  3. Forgive the newbie. I am at July 22. I have white hairs popping at shoots and the tops appear to be starting to cluster. I am outdoors, in So Cal, with Chemdawg and Monster Cookies. If veg switches to flower mid Aug. am I running early into flower…??? If YES, should I switch to flower fert or stay one more week in veg…:-)

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