1. Just so you know: smoking weed (and cigarettes, any form of smoke tbh) around dogs is extremely damaging to their lungs. I see you (or your friend) have a Cavalier King Charles and while they are adorable and loving companions, they are also prone to many diseases, especially heart disease. I hope you are responsible and I will just assume that you know what you’re doing, that the room you smoke in is well ventilated, that you don’t smoke around the dog every day or in large amounts.

    Just here to educate. The weed isn’t the problem, it’s the smoke 🙂 Please, nobody feel attacked.

  2. Crap video – it’s meant to be “easy life weed HACKS” with normal materials, this guy has Hubble’s, bongs etc already setup, HACKS = how to make something out of raw, home materials, not something you bought from a bong shop 👎

  3. Fist cottonmouth media video I watched. Got recommended by a good freind and I'm definitely subscribing. Please don't get banned on youtube. I'm sure you have but maybe consider making a backup vimeo/weedtube if you haven't already, because if your content is consistent I definitely wanna see more. I would hate to see a innovative and creative mind such as yourself be censored tho ik you have a patreon video maybe this is all already explained and I should just do my hw. Anyway good luck!

  4. Ayo heads up, never drop ice straight into a piece, it can smash the glass. Get the piece at 45° or less and let it slide down the side, just a tip. Peace ✌🏻

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