1. I love topping peppers but I don't think that I have ever topped a tomato. I have cloned suckers and that works great for building yourself a tomato army!
    For the mead, I would say any kind of berry or fruit should work. Blackberry, raspberry, strawberry. Maybe some grapes would give it a wine-like taste?

  2. Love the progress down in the dungeon man!
    I've never added anything to my mead, though currants are very common as an added fruit boost. I've used pure unsweetened cherry juice in some apple wine I've made and it was amazing. I vote currants or cherries for the mead… Or both!?
    Haha anyhow, cheers!

  3. you could take one of the lowest branches or wait till that sucker gets just the right length to pinch and try rooting one of those for a clone 🙂 otherwise sorry I'm no help 🙁 nice update thanks for sharing 🙂

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