7 Minute Hiit Workout | Full Body Workout at Home – Lucy Wyndham-Read Workout to Burn Calories

7 Minute Hiit Workout at home, you don’t need any equipment and this calorie burning workout is just 7 minutes and as your qualified trainer Lucy …


  1. Thankyou Lucy. Was feeling quite down and also lethargic.pushed myself to do this as I knew I would feel tons better even if I just did a bit. Got to the end and feeling energised. Thankyou

  2. Im so greatful for the slow version. i am a senior heart patient, i want to keep moving but sometimes the workouts are just too much. This is just perfect for me THank you very much!

  3. Thank you so much Lucy. I’m 54 and not in great shape but you’re workouts are a blessing to me. Love you have 2 options and your encouraging words and love the shorter workouts.

  4. Hello. I have a need, a request and a wish. Please, please❣️ Create Workouts for mini stepper❣️❣️❣️❣️. Pleaseeeee❣️Recently I have found out the simple stair Stepper with cords has a great effect on me, and I have a few other models, like 4. And now I use Lateral Thight routine, I think 30 years old with Brenda Dygraf. I like it for being slow and gentle, but powerful. Yet at times I HIIT on the Stepper with cool music and I am afraid I could go too far and hurt my knees. I need sm fresh and cool, but with a specialist. ❣️PLEASE, PERSONAL TRAINERRR❣️❣️😌🤘

  5. I've just discovered you! – heard you on the radio doing an interview (last week).. I hadd just been thinking/praying about what workouts to follow from home to get in shape! – as I'd put on a little weight over lockdown, & lost a bit of general fitness.. 😉 thank you!!

  6. I listen your "i didnt knew"…..i had a tear in my eye..and feel an lot of admiration for you still .
    Especially when your say follow your dream….which iam now with confidence from you.(i was lacking in confidence)
    Thank you Lucy!

  7. Day 3 of this work out, though I regularly do Lucy's work outs the star jumps at the end really get me!! My legs muscles feel so sore at the back 😂. Another great work out thank you Lucy Lucy Wyndham-Read❤

  8. Great workout! I couldn't keep up with your punches though so my numbers and yours (as you kept saying it aloud) kept on clashing…lol. But this got me huffing and puffing…exactly what I needed. Thank you.

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