"60 Minutes" examines effects of marijuana on body

Voters in California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts and Maine will decide in November whether to legalize recreational marijuana. Marijuana use is still illegal …


  1. No matter how you split hairs the medical usage of marijuana is fine to anyone. But…., that is not what is going on here. With Colorado selling the idea that this is a tax generator the liberals are looking for any way to use any argument to legalize the usage. Everyone needs it to battle anxiety. It is better than alcohol. Cigarettes are more dangerous….blah blah blah. This is about money and mixing the subject and benefits. Have no problem with creating the drug and taking out the THC portion. But legalizer's want to increase THC to get high. That is what all the liberal political correct “mafia” want to say. Talk about the benefit without the risk and loss. Sales people for non-criminalization use of a drug. So…., when reporting provides us with intelligent debate and does not play with the old “smoke and mirrors” then I’ll listen. Enough of the one sided arguments. This is why no on trusts the media. They cannot differentiate the facts. If you do not you cannot say you are a journalist. The largest proponents are those that want to use it for “recreational usage” not medical usage. Any bill in government should be for the usage for medical only!!! Then no one would care. How sad is that?

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  3. he only reason there's any question on regulating is because big Pharma doesn't want those cures to get out. the hemp plant raises your immunity.
    AND this plant only needs to be kept at low LOW THC levels.. high CBD. IT IS VERY simple we are wasting time and energy while it can be used recreationally as this is done it is raising immunity to illness. and they never mention these things it is being regulated BECAUSE IT WILL HINDER THE MASSIVES DOLLARS THAT GO TO MEDICAL companies who try to keep cures from getting to us.

  4. Do not use or support recreational marijuana because it has a tangible connection to the drug war. Recreational marijuana bought from a criminal organization involved in the drug puts money in suppliers pockets which supports by association, financially supporting organized criminals fueling their wars which cause deaths to the innocent. Also, take a stance against present state and country recreational marijuana legalization because it continually helps criminal gangs and cartels by giving them an additional access a supply of marijuana. For example, criminal organizations got caught taking advantage of recreational marijuana legalization by orchestrating and operating recreational marijuana grow operations according to (The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado The Impact Volume 4: Page 115). This example out of many more proves recreational marijuana legalization continually helps criminal organizations which increases criminal activity.

  5. 1:02 – biological activity is recognized up to one hour after cannabis consumption… any residue or build up is not biologically active… example- neuronal discharge is not initiated from fat cells where latent thc lies… it happens @ the neuron… ahhhhhhhh science

  6. haha They said that fat bitch is in charge of medication for metabolism, look at that . Obviously her research is irrelevant and useless. Look at her body. Bad research and bad advise from that lady.

  7. More propaganda from the US government. The pharmaceutical company's do not want marijuana legalized because it would be detrimental to their business. They would lose so much business. Marijuana and its biproducts are proven to help many diseases. It is unethical to withhold treatment that is known to work!! The government is in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. It is sickening!!

  8. Just because trace amounts can be detected in the fatty tissues a few weeks later does not mean that the person still feels "high" from the plant.
    The same concerns were expressed with the repeal of the prohibition of alcohol…"the kids". What about all of the drunk kids that will be laying in the gutter if we repeal alcohol prohibition?
    Some things never change. Same narrative, same tired concerns…legalize this plant for god's sake!!

  9. I'm suck off this people talking shot about marijuana but never smoke it in there life. Like this old fat bitch…. Alcohol is more dangerous then marijuana, more then half off America know that. Everything she say is bull.

  10. I live in central Wisconsin home to the greatest per capita alcohol consumption/bars per capita. I graduated from the most alcohol related incidents/capita university in the country and come from a family riddled with alcoholism. But yea, all my pot smoking friends have really fucked this place up. Alcohol killed my uncle, my grandma, my brothers best friend, my wife's best friend's husband, many close relatives, and keeps many from realizing that the American dream is also dead. I see it killing my parents, almost killed my best friend before he was able to give it up. But, man, what weed has done has been so fucking …. wait…. enlightening, thought provoking and existentially provocative? This isn't journalism, it's a faint whiff of it trying to cover for the stinking fucking corporatism fighting it's acceptance tooth and nail. Everyone I know who smokes/vapes/eats the stuff can't stand alcohol generally speaking. Simply put, alcohol lowers brain function and spirit, while cannabis elevates that and more… because when used correctly it is safe, fun and medicinal. Alcohol can be fun, but destructive as fuck. Eat shit CBS, wash it down with some booze while you are at it.

  11. It's in my brain!? Argh!!! Noooo!!!!! Do we have breathalyzers for people driving on painkillers??? No. Even though there are more people on those than smoke cigarettes!!! Oh wait, pharma chemicals good… Nature chemicals bad… Almost forgot there's a multi billion corporate profit structure to consider.

  12. "alcohol has its effects then leaves the body"

    Yeah, except for the liver damage, heart disease, and a plethora of other medical complications that occurs when you ingest it. Also, cannabis effects last only 1-2 hours when alcohol can easily be felt well into the next morning of consuming. There is 0 arguments that deter cannabis for alcohol stop trying.

  13. Good data collection is a great idea. Why don't we collect statistics for things like gun safety?… Anyway like prohibition the drug war tried to control people by making there behavior illegal. We have been violating peoples freedom forcing them to hold are values. Just because i don't think smoking pot is a good idea for me does not mean that it is not their right to decide if it is a good idea for them. And like many crimes we don't make having children illegal because it is hard to catch parents who abuse there children. It is incumbent on us to develop the tests need to identify intoxication. Collect the data so that we can properly manage the industry. Children getting pot was easier than getting cigs when i was a kid, so i bet we can do it better than this violations of human right we are committing now.

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