6 Budtenders Discuss The Biggest Changes In The Industry Since Legalization: Ask A Budtender

The cannabis industry has changed quite a lot since adult use became legal in California. Now, more consumers are comfortable talking freely about their …


  1. 0:55 I'll always hit up my guy for that gas, but then again it's only decriminalized where I live (at the time)Me? Seeing parents warm up to it instead of sucking the tit of local news or The Dr's (no offense) What scares me is big pharma going for the kill once it's federally legal.

    Edit: 3:10 RUSSIA?? Like Amsterdam and the Netherlands is a shit ton closer to Moscow than L.A is by god why go so far!!?

  2. I smoked for 4 years during the Vietnam war then quit for thirty years. I didn't want to sit in jail or loose my house. I have started up again in Oregon and am loving it! Thank you Oregon, home of hempsville

  3. Until local governments actually allow sampling, budtenders that sample the product have greater knowledge, I've smoked a lot of pot, Otherwise most of the weed I've bought is ok, unless that budtender has actually sampled it and liked it.

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