420 News Wednesday 23-9-2020

In this episode of 420News I give an update on the case of John O Regan who in his interview with me 3 weeks ago said he would be going on hunger strike if …


  1. Great episode. Again……. There was only one part of it that I disagreed with. You were talking about a retail price of €1/g when as far as I know, the wholesale price in Europe was set by Germany at €2.30/g. But that's for top quality medicinal grade cannabis produced in the highest standard grow facilities. I read that several months ago but I'm pretty sure I'd have heard something if the European wholesale price had halved since then. Thanks again for all your support. If we could get your subscriber numbers up to 100,000 there's be no need for a new political party! There must be loads of ways to help end prohibition. And yours is defintely one of them. Best of luck.

  2. Absolutely delighted with the outcome, massive congrats John!

    Sorry you had to go through so much stress and hassle over this, although you've made a huge step forward for Cannabis consumers across the country with your hard work.

    Hopefully this sets a precedent for the rest of us going forward, and paves the way to removing the possibility of getting a conviction.

    It had been on my mind the past few days, as it could happen to so many of us!

    Sign me up for the Cannabis Party! 🎉

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