4 Strange Things Found in Jacob Hooy CBD Oil 😨

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch4 stranger Things Found in Jacob Hooy CBD Oil Review! Jacob Hooy CBD+ 5% CBD Oil is a 100% natural …


  1. it is incorrect, there is also a 10% and also available on medicinasacra.it here in Italy and also many others. It has been tested from a lab in Germany and on their website it states 5% full. Also it is not only made of seeds, but also flowers and leaves. I really do not understand why your review is so incomplete. When in Amsterdam, I go to their pharmacy and they are really the best in the netherlands. beside if you go to visit them they are a pharmacy, a pharmacy of natural herbs, open since 200 years!!

  2. She could not see how many drops she administered to herself. The amount she used looked about 10 drops. Don't do this guys! I've used this oil for years and always get my partner to count the drops or do it in a mirror. Nothing unsafe but not very good administration. I learnt nothing from this video.

  3. Can you take this CBD oil whilst taking an anti depressant like Citalopram? I have some of this CBD but have not started to take it as my doctors don't seem to have any information on it. Any advice is welcome, please and thank you.

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