1. What’s the longest you’ve gone without weed? Ever reached 30 days?

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  2. I feel like I smoked way more than this dude.
    I am going through the process of quitting for good. Been smoking everyday for 13 years.
    I am on day 6 and I still have not had vivid dreams yet and I am so nauseous this morning.

    Even though it sucks got to stay strong or I'll just reset all the hard work and suffering I have conquered this past week.

  3. I need someone to talk to I’m only 16 and it’s been two weeks since I’ve stopped smoking I feel like I’m loosing my mind when is this gonna end. The anxiety,muscle pain, bad thoughts,paranoia, bad dreams to where it feels to real that’s all happening. i hate being sober it’s like I can’t be happy anymore without it.

  4. Bro im experiencing it at the moment,pls talk to me,anxiety and deprssion is fading away,but insomnia,muscle and joint pain is killing me at the moment…why muscle and joint pain is part of it?by the way its my 30 days withoot weed…

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