2020 Outdoor Cannabis Grow – Michigan Frost Update 9/20/20

No worries in the southwest. survived the 1st frost warning of the year! very early for frost in Michigan. weather is turning back to the mid-high 70s this week and …


  1. Ypur not covering them when they give out the frost warnings. We had to cover them 2 days in a row thank God its been nice and hope ot stays this way for a few more weeks will help everyone who's out side as well. My holy grails is the furthest behind but looking great tho the tangi cookie kush looking fantastic and the super silver haze stupid tall buds look great but has yet to put off any significant aroma seems like its almost a cheese thru dont have much smell but looks to much like a haze unless my breeder got a mix up. Anyway looking nice hope ya have a great harvest as well.

  2. Hey man I'm from Flint i just got everything for my first grow today. Ill probably start on saturday. I was wondering if you know any dispos or anything that sold clones or seeds. It seems like most around me stopped.

  3. Im a michigan grower too. Very nice looking crop !! Can you tell me how you make your tea looks like i need something like that to feed my plants . There looking good and im going to have a good yield but nothing like yours. Keep it green and growing !! Prey for NO MOLD AND RAIN !! Last fall Suck !!

  4. Your videos have been a great reference all year for me, thank you. Some of my plants look close, have lots of amber trics, but in the same breath look like they're still growing and they haven't done a final swell or a real swell at all? I plan to leave them for at least 2 weeks, probably more. Do some strains need to go full deep amber in order to truly finish?

  5. I got some triple og flowering indoor right now. I had five seeds outdoor last year and all were dank as fuck. Two were as good as any weed I ever smoked. I saved a seed to do indoor and it's flowering now. I kept clones off this one just incase

  6. Yessir looking delicious, what store you get the compost from? Yeah it's been down to 32 here , zero damage from 3 days in the 30s. Everything looks chunky and sugary man. Another nice year of selections. Keep up the great work man.

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