13 Reasons Why Recreational Marijuana Should NOT Be Legalized

My English Project explaining why Marijuana should not be legalized for recreational use Works Cited: Ables, Joel M. “Why Recreational Marijuana should stay …


  1. WARNING! Every "fact/statement" in this video is FALSE and or LIES!!
    Moral Of the Video.. Ingest Cannabis for the MANY (mental/physical) health benefits!!


  2. I went more than 2 weeks without weed as an avid weed smoker. I had no problem. I do want to try a few harder drugs, but I wanted to before I started smoking weed, so it is no gateway drug. In fact, it even brought down my urge a bit, so the gateway drug argument is complete and total bullshit.

  3. Heart attacks? Show me a person who had a heart attack from weed ?! Gateway drug my ass! That claim has been disproven many times!!! Your claims are so biased! All the research u said is bias! And no weed does not cause cancer! It can help it! And the DEA is totally biased towards! Shut the fuck up!

  4. Here’s why medical & recreational cannabis should be legal:

    1: The natural plant cause 0 overdoses

    2: Criminals will not be able to sell weed in legal places because the dispensaries will put them out of business

    3: People should be able to choose what they put in there body as long as they are not harming anyone else in the process

    4: This may help to lower prescription drug and alcohol abuse

    5: Prisons will be less full

    6: You won’t have to worry (as much) about buying laced weed if you get it from a legal dispensary

    7: If you don’t want to consume cannabis you don’t have to because it’s YOUR CHOICE

    8: Less illegal drug dealers = less guns and violence

    9: New jobs will be created

    If you disagree with anything on this list or you have something else to say, please reply.

  5. When you make a video actually research about it and not go by stereotypes. And the study saying it kills brain cells was carried out in an inhumane way suffocating the monkeys, which caused brain damage

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