1. Here is a thought what if every state in America had it's own fiat currency and the federal government just acted like the EU in europe.
    Their is more I could put but I'm short on time.

  2. This thing with people getting extra 600 and not wanting to go back to work is an argument not made in good faith. Economy is shutting down and these people getting extra money are going to want to spend that money which may explain to some degree why the economy and Amazon are doing well. Plus the unemployment will stop at some point so people will be forced to find a job regardless. I was more upset about the amount of money going to big corporations who have a bigger amount of power in government than a regular person. It bothers me how people want to punish other people that are in the same class instead of going after these massive corporations that make millions or billions of dollars and choose not to set money back for emergencies.

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