🚫🌿 4 Big Benefits to Quitting Weed & Alcohol πŸ”‘βœ…

4 Big Benefits to Quitting Weed & Alcohol. Quitting Weed and Alcohol come’s with a Good number of Benefits and I am going to share Four Main Benefits of …


  1. Hey Travis, Thank you. I remember watching an older vid of yours talking about quitting smoking. I have and within the past month I have been recruited to a new company, Worked extra hard in the gym and connected with more entrepreneurs and go-getters. Cheers

  2. Love these videos regardless of one's phase of addiction recovery. The fog and impact on overall energy and productivity is real, not to mention with alcohol the depression. Thank you for sharing and hello from Maui!

  3. Hi! Thank you so much for your other video about quitting weed from 11 months ago. I smoked for 15 years and needed encouragement to quit. Your video was so convincing. I quit coffee, weed and alcohol two weeks ago and I feel amazing! And in two weeks, great things have happened to me too, just like you said. Today I was suggested this video of yours and I want to thank you for helping people like me. You’re a light in this dark world ✨ I had to quit coffee too because it went so well with that morning joint. Now I wake up and exercise instead. Bright futures ahead…sober! Thank you!

  4. I used to drink to not have to think of my problems but drinking with my wife she is the opposite, she wants to talk of life's problems so that leads to a fight, I'm trying to chill while shes trying to argue over the smallest things, she usually apologies later, its like a switch for her, one sip and her mood changes. the best thing was quitting. Its always best talk about lives problems while free of alcohol. also, you notice that where we live we are lucky and our problems are nothing too serious. like why argue over things we can't control in life? its never good to play the blame game when it's out of both of our control. I end up with the feeling of walking on eggshells all day, having been in a few long term relationships I'm easy going to any problems that come up but for her, she never had a real relationship before me so little things are a major problem for her, any advice what how I should approach this? its been 4 years of this, im kind of building resentment as life before was easy going and felt a sense of lightness, working hard but also living the life I wanted. travel, having my own money, woofing etc… sorry Bro off topic hehe

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