How Can CBD Help Athletes? Performance Benefits and Recovery with CBD Oil – Thomas DeLauer

HOW DOES CBD HELP ATHLETES? The use of CBD is becoming widespread for people with a variety of different conditions, from anxiety and sleep disorders …


  1. Hey, Important question. Can taking a lot of CBD Oil make you fat? Since its Oil that you're directly consuming? (I also take a lot of it since its so weak here in New Zealand)

  2. I am now on the CBD train, now that I’m informed. I thought it was weed and never wanted to touch it so learning the benefits was great. Appreciate the info and do you know exactly what sports that supports CBD??

  3. I had a neck fusion over 2 years ago . I deal with tightness and soreness in the neck and shoulder area every day. I have tried cbd lotion and roll on for the last 3 mos . It might give me a little relief but not much. Just wondering if the liquid drops might work better . Anybody had any experience?

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