Microdosing Cannabis for Mind Blowing Sex

Originally I wanted to somehow pun the word “blowing” since we are about to be have some hardcore sex talk in this article, but then I decided it to be inappropriate. I’ll let you all make up your own sexy thoughts.

By the way, if you aren’t familiar with what microdosing cannabis is, no worries, just take a quick minute to jump over and check out What is Microdosing Cannabis?and I’ll explain it there. Go ahead, I’ll wait until you get back!

We’ve all been hearing the buzz on all the medical benefits Cannabis has to offer lately, and it would appear that the list keeps getting longer. One of the topics I’ve been hearing about a lot lately is”Cannabis for Sex.” When I see two of my favorite things advertised together, I get excited and must learn more;)

I decided to do a little research on Cannabis and Sex, and I was excited to learn that marijuana can enhance sex to exploding levels, IF you know how to use it correctly (the cannabis;). I became more and more fascinated with what I was learning from my research, so I continued to learn, and experiment, and was able to compile a list of the TOP Benefits of Microdosing Cannabis for sex and instructions on how YOU can microdose cannabis for unbelievable sex!

Here are the Benefits of Microdosing Cannabis for Enhanced Sexual Pleasure

  1. I’ll name the obvious-BETTER SEX!!!
  2. Microdosing allows for maximum pleasure with minimal product usage-who doesn’t love to get more for less??
  3. Microdosing cannabis prevents you and your partner(s) from “over-smoking,” based on the occasion. Smoking too much can cause possible zoning out and couch lock. With microdosing, you’ll never “over-smoke.”
  4. Microdosing Cannabis reduces paranoia and anxiety that may be related to over-smoking

How to Microdose Cannabis for Mind-Blowing Sex

To give you a better understanding of how microdosing cannabis actually works to enhance sexual activity and arousal, here is a bit of background information.

According to a Leafly.com interview with Dr. Nick Karas, sexologist and creator of  The Passionate High, “Microdosing is one of the most important and often overlooked aspects of using cannabis to improve sexuality and intimacy,” says Karas. “Master your unique combination of strain, dosage and intention. Detach from the outcome and expectations and enjoy the journey.” In a sense, dosage is just another knob you can fiddle with in order to dial in on the perfect elevated sexual experience for you and/or your partner.” (source)

In the context of sex, what does microdosing look like? 2.5mg is the magic number for microdosing. The article also stated that, “everyone’s tolerance is different, but the idea is to use such a small amount that you don’t notice psychoactive effects. At that point, you’re reaping benefits without the buzz—think subtle relaxation and almost-imperceptible heightening of your senses.” (source)

“After microdosing, your body won’t feel like it’s the cannabis getting you in the mood, and yet that slightly heightened sensation and relaxation can go a long way. Meanwhile, you’ll be fully mentally present without any distracting cannabis-induced psychoactivity, allowing you to fully experience sensation for maximum satisfaction, connection, and pleasure.”

So let’s recap. Microdosing cannabis can heighten your sexual pleasure and arousal if done properly. By using the 2.5mg microdosing rule that we learned in this article, experiment with microdosing and find the perfect amount that sends you and your partner to sexual ecstasy!

Hey! I want to hear about your Cannabis Lifestyle! Have you tried microdosing for sex? How was the experience?

This article was influenced by Sour Lemon (Curio) and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album

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